2 thoughts on “Helichrysum Essential Oil For Hearing Loss

  1. Hearing loss with normal audiogram?
    I have a hearing loss with a normal audiogram. That means my hearing use to be above average. I went to the lady at miracle ear and she said they wouldn’t program me a hearing aid because they only cover the range of speech where my hearing said it was normal. It definitely isn’t normal to me. I looked it up online and it said I could have one programmed for me, but I have to find the right person. Where could I find that person to help me with my problem? I live in fredericksburg virginia if that helps

    • I used to suffer from noise induced hearing loss, ut i used helichrysum italicum essential oil to cure it, look it up, my ent nearly crapped himself, but then again most doctors are taught by the pharmecutical companies and theyre scam artists

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