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  1. How long should I leave Epsom salt on a cyst?
    I have a cyst in the crease of my leg and it’s really painful, I read somewhere that Epsom salt mixed with water to create a paste helps to “bring it to a head”. So I did that and put it on with a bandaid. However I can’t find any information on how long I should leave it on for. Any answers would be helpful. Thanks.

  2. How can I get paler skin without harming my skin?
    Also if it’s possible I don’t want it to be complicated like “bathe in milk and salt and boil it lukewarm”, I don’t have that much milk and I don’t have Epsom salt. Perhaps a home remedy? I’m not going to sit out like a loner in the shade just for pale skin, but I like the way fair skin looks and I want to know how to get it. Thank you!

  3. Can you use Epsom salts for your hair instead of Sea Salt?
    You’re suppose to mix 2 teaspoons of sae salt (it specifically says not to use table salt) with 1 cup boiling water and Spritz it in your hands and then run your fingers through your hair and it gives you “beachy:” waves. I only have Kosher and Epsom Salts. Could I use either of thoose? Or not…

  4. Has anyone tried iodine and epsom salts for blackheads?
    I’ve read that mixing iodine and epsom salt with boiling water, then dabbing it on with a cotton ball will help get rid of blackheads. Has anyone tried it and had good results?

    • Not sure about the iodine but the epsom salts or rok salt with a few drops of tea tree oil works pretty well. It can be used in the shower as a scrub or with a cotton ball.

  5. What could i use to clean my belly button piercing?
    so i juss got my belly button pierced nd im really not able to get sea salt for at least a couple days. I have rubbing alcohol, epsom salt, and claire’s ear piercing antiseptic. Which do u think would be alrightt to use ?
    i have absolutly no money , nd nobody is able to buy anything . so i have to deal with wat i got.

    • Can you get H20 piercing spray?

      If not just boil some water, let it cool, and put regular salt in.

      It’ll still clean the piercing out.

  6. What remedies can be used at home to treat Armpit Boils?
    Some of my family members suffer from reoccurring armit boils. One has had glands removed but the issue still exists once a year for her. I was wondering if anyone has tried a warm compress with Epsom salt or a Epsom salt bath? Or what remedies do others suggest besides LANCING (getting it cut open & drained) ew!

  7. What can i use for cleaning piercings instead of epsom salt?
    I wanna get my septum pierced really badly but
    when I used Epsom salt on my other piercings
    Ithey got very infected after and I got told not
    to use It anymore, what else could i use?

    • Hi, I am a piercer and have been for 19 years now….. After ear care solution is recommended but me personally, I use sea salt, who ever said Epsom salts obviously has no idea what they are on about, anyways simple solution, if it is gunky clean it, if it is not, leave it, it is not surgery only a pin prick so hands off as your hands are probable the problem. Should it for some reason weep, sea salt in a little pre boiled water then once again hands off!!!, it is not rock science…… keep it simple….. good luck :)))))

  8. If I mixed Bone meal, coffee grounds, compost, Epsom Salt in boiling water, is it a complete tea?
    If I mixed Bone meal, coffee grounds, compost, Epsom Salt in boiling water, is it a complete tea and how long do I boil it? how much of each to how much water? I want to use this on my roses, tomatoes, hollyhocks, and other veggies.

    • HI Wendy Compost tea does not need to be boiled. A simple way is to add a handful of your compost ingredients that you have listed and place in the end of a panty hose. Tie a knot in it and place it in a 5 gallon bucket of warm water. Let it steep over night and then water your plants.
      Hope this has helped happy gardening Pattie

  9. Can I use epsom salt to treat a bloated betta?
    The peas just aren’t doing the trick for my constipated betta so I thought I’d bring in some epsom salt.
    Does it really help?
    And is it safe if I have two mystery snails in the tank as well?

    • Add epsom salt it would help him. but stop feeding him for three days. after that feed him peas thats boiled. it helps him too. there stomachs is as big as their eyes.

  10. Can i add epsom salt to my goldfish tank directly?
    My goldfish gets SBD regularly. I will transfer it to a pail n let it have epsom bath for 10 minutes. It will be fine after that. I was wondering if its possible to add in epsom salt directly to my tank. I have 2 other goldfish in the tank. Is it safe to directly add it everytime my goldfish gets SBD? Will it hurt my other goldfish? Thanks!

    • You can add Epsom salt to the main tank, one or two tablespoons per ten gallons. You can repeat the dose three or four days later after doing a partial water change. It will not hurt the other goldfish. It relaxes the muscles in the sphincter causing them to poop.

      The residual amount of Epsom salt will gradually go away with partial water changes.

      To prevent SBD coming back, look at the ingredients on your fish food. Goldfish are mostly vegetarian, consuming only a small amount of meaty foods. Foods that have meat, including fish meal, as a main ingredient should only be fed as a treat no more than once a week.

      There are a number of foods in the link below that will help add health and dietary balance through variety.

      I have kept and bred goldfish since 1972 and some of my favorites to feed them are duckweed, and a vegetarian form of Gordon’s Formula. Dr. Myron Gordon invented this for fish years ago and it is still one of the best staple foods. Cook oatmeal but add a small amount of fresh garlic finely grated and a small can of carrot, pea or spinach baby food. Once it boils add a packet of Knox unflavored gelatin or one of the Repashy gel food packets, Soilant Green or Super Green.


      Flatten Gordon’s formula into a thin 1/4″ layer on wax paper or in sandwich or freezer baggies. Let it cool and then freeze all but what you use today.

      This goldfish/vegetarian version leaves out the baby food meat you would add for meat eating tropical fish, like beef, lamb, chicken, or liver. Dr. Gordon originally used liver because it was the least expensive, not so true today.

      One other suggestion is that bigger is better! A larger tank and/or a larger or duplicate filter is important with goldfish since the biofiltration bacteria operate much more slowly than in a tropical aquarium. An ideal filter for a goldfish tank is a wet/dry in the cabinet under the tank. Existing filters can be kept running.

      Don’t forget to read over the Wet Web suggestions below. Good luck!

  11. How do you grow salt crystals?
    I learned a little about Epsom salt crystals but it seems a few people fails with it. I don’t understand about the temperature concept.

    • use table salt it works better than epsom salt
      Step 1
      Boil about 1 c. water.
      Pour the water into a glass jar.
      Stir in the salt slowly, about a teaspoon at a time. Don’t rush this step.
      Continue until the salt is no longer dissolving but is starting to collect at the bottom of the jar.
      Choose a color for your crystals and add a couple drops of food coloring.
      Tie one end of piece of a string around a pencil and tie a paper clip to the other end.
      Place the pencil over the jar so that the string hangs down and the paper clip almost touches the bottom of the jar.
      Allow jar to sit someplace where it will be undisturbed.
      Check after about 24 hours, and you’ll see crystals forming in cubical shapes on the paper clip.

      the trick is to stir the salt in very slowly otherwise it will not work!

  12. what does the magnesium in epsom salts do to your body?
    when you take an epsom salt bath, what does the magnesium do?

    • Did a little finding since this question intrigued me.

      Indications for topical use are

      - Magnesium has been used as an agent for dehydrating (drawing) boils, carbuncles, and abscesses.
      - Magnesium has also been shown to be an effective aid in the fight against blemishes and acne when applied directly to problematic areas, usually in poultice form. If combined with water and made into a cream, it can be applied to the face to remove blackheads.
      - Magnesium, when used through soaking, can soothe muscle pains and help improve rough patches in the skin.
      - Soaking in a warm bath containing Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) can be beneficial to soothe, relax,and relieve herpes outbreak symptoms, such as itching and lesions relating to genital herpes and shingles.

      hope this helps ^_^

  13. Why do i keep getting boils on my private area?
    I’ve been getting them for two years. The doctor says it is normal for teenage girls to get them .. last time I shaved was in November and I got a big bad one so I got antibiotics for it. And would soak in hot water with Epsom salt. But I have some right now and I haven’t shaved in a long time. I never asked the doctors why they always appear sometimes in the same spot. Does anyone know why I keep getting them? And if this will ever stop? I am calling the doctors next week since this is a very busy week.

  14. Can epsom salt be used to clean a cartilage piercing?
    I just got my cartilage pierced and i’m wondering if epsom salt works just as well as sea salt?

    • No. If you are going to use the salt method, only natural sea salt should be used. Mix 1/4 tsp to 8 oz. of boiled or bottled water and use it to clean and soak the piercing.

      Antibacterial soap is another recommended method. Just a couple of drops to a few oz. of boiled or bottled water and use q-tips (changing the end every time you dip it) and clean the piercing.

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