8 thoughts on “Epsom Salt To Clean Belly Button Piercing

  1. Can I use Epsom salt and warm water to clean my belly button piercing?
    I just got my belly button pierced yesterday and when I got done the guy told me to use warm water and some salt in a shot glass and just stick it on my belly button for a few minutes. I know that I can’t use just regular table salt to clean it, so is Swan Epsom salt okay? Says it’s for minor sprains and bruises and stuff like that.

  2. Is epsom salt+hot water an effective cleaning agent for new piercings?
    Is epsom salt+hot water an effective cleaning agent for new piercings?
    I was told by my piercer that this was an effective way to clean a new piercing;
    But it burns, and it’s sorta uncomfortable.
    I just got my lip+belly button pierced, so could someone tell me some other ways? :)

    • its not supposed to burn or irritate your piercing at all. to clean your belly button, you could also use ear care antiseptic or in the shower, take soap and rub it directly on the piercing. it should not burn at all!

  3. What could i use to clean my belly button piercing?
    so i juss got my belly button pierced nd im really not able to get sea salt for at least a couple days. I have rubbing alcohol, epsom salt, and claire’s ear piercing antiseptic. Which do u think would be alrightt to use ?
    i have absolutly no money , nd nobody is able to buy anything . so i have to deal with wat i got.

    • Can you get H20 piercing spray?

      If not just boil some water, let it cool, and put regular salt in.

      It’ll still clean the piercing out.

  4. How do i know if my belly button piercing is infected?
    I just got my belly button pierced this saturday and i tend to worry about things and i am not sure how to tell if it is infected. It is usually red and they told me only to wash it is the shower and to only use an epsom salt water mixture in the shower. Although i have soaked it twice once the day before yesterday and yesterday. Today it is a deeper red with a little more stuff on it then it has had the past couple of days. I know it is probably not infected right now, but how will i know if it becomes that way.
    i don’t mess with it.

    • Its a new piercing and usually the area will be red for a few days to a few weeks. Its rather normal, but the redness should go away soon.

      There will be some discharge with new, healing piercings. This should be clear, whitish or slightly yellow and will probably dry to a yellow crust. As the piercing heals, less and less of this discharge will be present. Do not pick at it during the day and don’t play with the piercing.

      What you should be doing to clean it is for the first 6 weeks, clean it twice daily with Dial soap and water. Rinse well and use a q-tip to remove buildup. DO NOT use Epsom salt, you want to use non iodized sea salt for the soaks. Epsom salt has too many chemicals in it and it will dry out your piercing, irritate the area and can slow healing.

      Proper mix for the salt soak is approx. 1/4 teaspoon non iodized sea salt per cup of warm water. The solution should taste similar to that of your tears.

      Things to remember about infections is that you’ll know if there is a problem. The area will be very sore, possibly bleeding, but definitely a greenish discharge. The are will be red and can be hot to the touch. Usually if you are concerned there is a problem you should go see your piercer asap. If you have an infection its not advised to remove the jewelry because the infection can get trapped inside your body and make problems worse. Leave the jewelry in so the infection can drain out.

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